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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeling the Love! (Saturday's post)

Although this is coming to you live on a Sunday morning... let's pretend it's Saturday. I started to post really quick yesterday before going to work... but blogger had other plans for me.

I'm feeling my new blog layout. I just love Valentine's Day. It's definitely my favourite non-statutory holiday. I thank my mom for raising us the way she did... Valentine's day was not about being with a boyfriend... it was just about love in general. I think the colours of the 'holiday' also make me happy. It will also forever be the day my dad proposed to my mom... while they were mere children!!

Today (Saturday) I slept in until 8:30!! I went to Walmart and Superstore to do grocery shopping... then came home and did some stuff (putting away groceries, cleaning)... Then had to get ready for work. No treadmill today... but today was going to be my one day off this week anyway, so it's okay. I worked at SickKids from 3:30 to 11:30... my shift was a snore. I could see the snow getting worse outside and I was getting antsy to leave and head home... but I couldn't. Instead I had to sit and watch TV all night with a very sweet 16yr old girl. Admitted for her suicide attempt... she had done all of her "work" during the day and her day staff instructed me to let her have the evening off... my job was just to make sure she didn't harm herself (which she had no intention of doing anyway... i don't think). I spent maybe 45min doing a little therapy session... and watched TV. The drive home was less than fun and what usually takes me 12 - 15min took me 45 tonight... or maybe an hour. Regardless, it was a long drive but once again... my little car plowed through (thank you Pontypool roads for preparing me for bad driving the rest of my life! Thank you parents for teaching me to drive in a rear wheel astro van... nothing drives as poorly as them in bad weather).

Tara - on bad nights I always think about a time right after you got your license... you had Steph and I over for the evening and we drove to "Wat a Pizza" to get pizza for dinner... you were driving your parents van and came around the subdivision behind the store to get back home and the van started sliding... You handed it like such a pro!!! Of course then I think about the van and I think about running out of gas... Ahh I could write many blog entries about our adventures in OAC!!

Also, Tara... I would like to propose a different kind of challenge this upcoming week if you are up for it. I think we should take photos of our dinners... I love food photos :)

Happy Sunday!!

Holy Crap... I almost forgot to post what I ate on Saturday!
Breakfast: small banana (1), ww bagel (2), yogurt (1)
Lunch: dried veggie crisp things from Walmart (5), yogurt (1), fruit salad (2)
Dinner: steamed chicken breast (3) with steamed mixed veggies (0), fruit salad (3), yogurt (1)
Snack throughout afternoon/eve wasabi peas - LOVE them (4)
Total: 23
Water: 2.5L (not as much because I can't go to the washroom as often at that job)

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