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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things are not getting any better

I feel like poop.

I have not exercised today.

I'm so tired... I slept through my alarm today. Had a coworker not text messaged saying she wasn't coming in to the office today, I might still be asleep. My period (or rather PMS... still waiting for the period) is the death of me this month. I go between feeling bloated and crampy to feeling totally nauseated. Drinking warm water this morning seemed to help, maybe I'll have more tonight.

My question right now... should I go to weigh in on Thursday? Tara... I need your help. Alex and I are going to the Oshawa Generals game Thursday night with my parents, so I'm not going to my regular WW. I COULD go to a WW location in north Oshawa during my lunch... it's a bit rushed, I've done it before... it's a pain to change into my "weigh in clothes", but it's not unheard of... the other thing to consider? My 6 month pass ran out last week, so I have to buy more tickets... I could buy them in Oshawa... or I can take a week off and go back next week. I know I will be up this week... BUT, I'll be up whether I go to WW or not. I just don't know what to do. Tara, HELP ME:)

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast - apple (1), yogurt (1)
Lunch - flatout (1), chicken breast (3), cheese (1), salsa (0), yogurt (1), fruit salad (2), ww mini choc bar (2)
Snack: 100 cal almonds (2)
Dinner: lettuce wraps (0), chicken breast (1), refried beans (2), cheese (1), ff sour cream (1), salsa (0), ww mini choc bars (3)
Snack: cadbury thin (2)
Total: 24 (oops)

Have I mentioned my insane chocolate craving today?

Tonight's plan has changed. Originally it was going to be a night of the ab ripper, biggest loser cardio as well as treadmill. I feel like poop. Plans have changed to a night to recover on my couch. I am in so much discomfort it's unbelievable. I'm sorry to complain a lot... I am desperate for relief from this!! Please, pray for my period (it's 4 days late... i am not pregnant, so don't even go there!). Tara - I do have the whole P90X program! A girl at work gave me a copy... when I see you I'll try to remember to bring it and maybe J can make you your own copy from it!! I wouldn't be surprised if Ty has it... he's one ripped guy!

Yay for Biggest Loser night. I will pray to the weight loss gods that I get my motivation back (and lose my discomfort)... I'm still going to reach goal weight this year... just not this week. I really can't wait to feel better though and get back into my routine!

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Tara said...

Hey sunshine!
I think you NEED to skip weigh in this week and regroup and feel better. You will be feeling better soon (hopefully!) and can easily get back on track. I think you are stressing yourself out about it and need to have a breather and go out and enjoy yourself on Thursday.
Relax and enjoy your BL evening :)
Love ME!