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Monday, January 05, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Not that I want it to be Friday... because I'm working a 12hr day shift on Saturday... but still, this may be a long week. I went to work expecting it wouldn't be too busy... it was. It sucked.

Here's a little something that could make anybody's Monday better (photo is in lieu of food photos today because I didn't take any).

This is my desktop for now.

Today I got myself back on the treadmill. It felt pretty good, but I was tired. I thought I would have to decrease my speed a little... but I didn't. I actually increased it a little for some of the time.

I stuck to the diet plan today still... I don't feel hungry but I didn't eat as many points today. Here's what I ate:

Breakfast: 2c. fruit salad (2)
Lunch: soup (0), avocado (1), tomato (0), apple (1)
Snack: snap peas (0), apple crisps (1)
Dinner: soup (0), veg stir fry (0), grapefruit (2), orange (1), 3c fruit salad (3)
Water: 3L lemon water
Total Points: 11

Tomorrow will be rough... the first day of the alarm going off at 6am again... getting on the treadmill will be difficult, but I can do it. I don't want a gain this week... I would feel so awesome if I go to WW this week and didn't have a gain the 2 weeks of holidays.

Tomorrow is an exciting day though... the first week of the new Biggest Loser! I have been checking out the contestants online... it looks very exciting! I can't wait!

Happy Tuesday... enjoy The Biggest Loser!

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