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Monday, January 26, 2009

This is NUTS

I'm already fed up with my efforts this week. I didn't get on the treadmill for 3 days in a row... I ate... I am bloated worse than EVER...

I did get on the treadmill this morning... although I was dragging my feet. I attempted to do the P90X Ab Ripper workout this evening... I didn't make it through the entire 15min... I barely even did half the workout. This could be a good goal for me, make it through the ab workout.

My eating this weekend could be worse... but could be much better. I didn't track what I ate. On Saturday I really didn't eat a lot... I resisted my cupcakes and the quesadillas that were there... ate the veggie egg rolls (baked) that I took and some chicken lasagna. I had some low fat trifle as well... but no candy or chocolates... no alcohol... just crystal light. Sunday was a different story. I didn't eat anything horrible (besides 7 Hershey kisses)... it was just all of the snacking that caught up with me (popcorn, angel food cake). I didn't step on a scale Sunday morning... had I done that, maybe I would have been more on track throughout the day. This is precisely the reason I need to weigh myself every day... the first day I don't, I'm in 'avoidance/denial' mode and go hog-wild in what I eat that day. Today was the first time I stepped on the scale since Saturday... I weighed the exact same. Didn't gain weight on the weekend... but didn't lose any. I am in trouble this week if I don't do serious damage control. It would help if my period would get here already and the bloating could go down. I think tonight I will make another healthy steamed veggie pizza to take in my lunch tomorrow (after I watch Jon and Kate in their new house... HUGE house!).

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: fruit salad (2)
Lunch: 4 egg rolls (4), smart ones baked ziti (6)
Dinner: lettuce chicken enchilito (cross between an enchilada and burrito in a lettuce wrap).. lettuce (0), chicken (1), low fat refried beans (1), cheese (1), corn (0), black beans (0), salsa (0)... yogurt (1)... steamed green beans (1)
Total: 17 (low, but I'm compensating for the weekend!)
Water: 4L

Tomorrow's plan... treadmill, work, ab workout, biggest loser workout... dinner and BED!!

PS - forgot to mention the angel food cake recipe my mom printed off the weight watchers website. Take an angel food cake mix and just mix in a blueberry pie mix... bake, cool, cut into 24 pieces and it's 2pts per serving! We didn't have blueberry pie mix at mom's so we used raspberry. Next time I would make it with blueberry and I would bake it in muffin tins to have individual cakes...

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Tara said...

No alcohol?? You're good! Do you have the whole P90X set? I'm always intriged by the commercial for that! I think Ty has it but hasn't shared it yet...hmmmm.
I'm the same with weighing in. I do better if I know that I'm already losing that week and I also am stricter if I know that I'm NOT losing yet in the week! Weird.
And the big occasion for the 10 drinks?? Glad you asked. It was WINGFEST! It doesn't take much here in Lindsay! And I don't eat wings so I had to make up for it somehow :)