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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On to next week...

Up until a couple of hours ago I still felt like crap. My legs and stomach muscles feel like I have been working out for 2 days straight (I wish!). For me, this is a flu symptom... but I'm positive it will pass. I woke up in the night being sick and it continued this morning... almost didn't go to work, but eventually decided I was well enough to go... which was stupid after the drive from hell to get to the office (the good news about working in an office setting... we closed early today due to the weather... got to go home a whole hour early!). I really didn't eat much today, just snacked on fruit and popcorn... tonight though I feel better and did have a couple of my homemade egg rolls and then some more popcorn... then then just had a 100cal of swedish berries. Total points for today? 17 (all on the aforementioned food).

The good news is that something happened tonight (FINALLY) that leads me to believe the bloating will subside by the weekend. That's it, I'm getting back at it hardcore this weekend (well, I work a 12hr day on Sunday... but Saturday is a day of resting and exercising).

Not much else to report today... so alas, the dishes await me.

Good luck tomorrow dear Tara! We can kick BUTT next week... okay?

1 comment:

Tara said...

Yes, we need to rock this week, for sure!!
Hopefully you're feeling better and can kick it up to high gear again this week!