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Friday, April 02, 2010

The return of the ticker… and weigh in results!

First things first… Went to weigh in last night. Down 1.8lbs!  Better than a kick in the butt… and the start of more losses to come.

For those of you not reading this in Google Reader… you may notice my ticker is back.  I took it off a while ago when I was tired of the daily reminder of my struggles… the ticker was not going down.  I have decided I want it back. I’m going to watch it progress to my goal!

A while ago Lynn posted about her goal to '>lose 25lbs.  While I’m not brave enough to post a photo of my weight at this time, I can tell you that I, too would like to lose 25lbs.  I have set my ticker to reflect that.  I am currently 25lbs higher than my lowest weight watcher weight about a year ago. Yup, life happens, you lose motivation… and weight creeps back up.  So… I’m with Lynn on the 25lbs.

Here’s the thing… between thee and me… I think Lynn is a super sweetheart and VERY motivating (hello, read her blog)… BUT, I want lose 25lbs quicker than her :) (in a HEALTHY, realistic way of course).  Yep, that’s my challenge to myself.  Now I’ve put it in writing.  Sorry Lynn… I need a little healthy, friendly competition motivation and you’re just the ticket!!

I hope this doesn’t sound mean…  I mean it all in fun and I’m just using it as motivation for myself!  Of course, I will be beyond happy for BOTH of us when we reach that 25lb goal!

Okay, now to pack and head to my parents’ house for Easter.  I am planning to follow the Easter RULES from last year.  If you check out all of my April posts from last year, you’ll find the Easter weekend progress in there.  I’m not sure which activity I’ll get in at this point, but I’ll find some!  It’s BEAUTIFUL weather here this weekend and we are facing RECORD high temps!

A quick photo of us from last year…

Easter Us

Last year at Easter there was still snow at my parent’s house…

Easter 1 Easter 2

Last year at Easter I gave my nephew, Simon a trampoline (he was 1 1/2 years old! Aww!) and he found his first Easter eggs

Easter 5 Easter 4 Easter 6

Last year at Easter was the last time I saw my wonderful Grandma. I can’t believe it. She passed away suddenly less than 2 months later.  She was a wonderful lady who I was very close to and adored more than life itself… and I am happy to report I can now (finally) look at this photo (the last one I have of her) and smile.

Easter 3

So… I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. I will TRY to update from my parents’ house!  May we all come out of the weekend a little lighter (those of us without a bun in the oven!!!)


Jenny said...

Have a great Easter Weekend, Jen! And you're right, there's nothing wrong with some friendly competition, best kind I think!

Sounds like your Grandmother was a lovely lady, I can see a resemblance of you in her :-)

Take care,

Lauren said...

Haha love your goal! Friendly competition works for a lot of people, so good luck.
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've officially been challenged. I say BRING IT girlie!! hehe. Nothing like a little bit of friendly competition to up the motivation. :)

PS. Sorry its taken me so long to comment, I've had a really hectic weekend.