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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The time has come...

Well, it's about that day of the week. Weigh in day. Results will NOT be favourable. I woke up with "gastro" issues this morning. I feel okay now, but a c25k was not happening this morning. I have decided I'm still recovering from last weekend's busy-ness and indulgences. My body isn't so happy with me. Week 2 of the Couch to 5K will begin promptly this weekend. I can't wait to try it out.

I really don't even WANT to go to weigh in tonight... but I will. I mean, I bought a 6 month pass so essentially I've already paid for tonight... so I really should go.

I will go... and stay for the meeting... and plot my loss for next week. I mean, I'm sure I'm not the ONLY one who has gained weight this week. I may be the only one who expects a good 5lb gain though. Oops!

Okay, I have sufficiently killed 5min before my 12pm appt. Happy Thursday to all. Woohoo, tomorrow is FRIDAY (my apologies to those who don't work Monday to Friday and can't get excited about Friday tomorrow).


Jenny said...

Hey Jen,

I know what you mean about not wanting to go to your meeting because of your suspected loss... it's taken me a while to learn that we need meetings in good times and in bad. Facing the scale (and the music)and staying for the meeting, will only set you up for success this week. So go, get the hard part over with and get excited about a whole new WW week!

Take care,

Amy said...

Your comment TOTALLY made my day just now... THANK YOU!

I needed that tonight.

Janna said...

You aren't alone...I had a 5 pound gain this week...and it sucked but moving on! Hope you have a better week this week!