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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Camaro, anyone?

So, I work close to a GM town. On my lunch time walks I ALWAYS see GM workers driving Camaros around. It took me a while but I finally discovered where they were going. A HUGE lot full of brand spaking new camaros!  Today I managed to snap a couple of photos of them whizzing past me on my walk. 

DSCN5982 DSCN5983

I think they’re pretty… but, this is coming from a GM girl.  My dad worked at GM his entire career… he was an engineer for them. He retired just over a year ago, at 55yrs old, during the “GM crisis”.

Anyway… You don’t want to hear about my family.

Today started out with waking up BEFORE my alarm went off. I got in session 2, week 2 of the Couch to 5K today and enjoyed it much more than yesterday.  I watched Fresh with Anna Olson on the Food Network. I love Anna Olson.  Today ALSO consisted of a 50min walk at lunch… 4.8K.

Breakfast was a twist on a breakfast cookie. It was 1/2c homemade granola (2), 1/2tbsp almond butter (1), 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (1)

DSCN5972 DSCN5974

Snack was 2c of mango and blueberries (2). I am seriously LOVING this combination of thawed frozen fruit.


Lunch was a stir fry of sorts. 1/2c brown rice (2), veggies in light soy sauce (1) and 100g turkey breast (2). So good.

DSCN5975 DSCN5976

Afternoon snack was today’s holy grail. It was a protein cupcake of sorts. It was 3tbsp egg whites (0), 1tbsp each of pumpkin and unsweetened apple butter (1), 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (1), pumpkin pie spice (0), a few raisins and some unsweetened coconut and some stevia (0).  It looks like total crap but jumping jehosaphat was it good.


Dinner was more 0 point soup. I added some frank’s, pepper, sea salt… and some salsa.  I still feel like it’s missing something… which I’m guessing is SODIUM. Next time I’d definitely leave out most of the cabbage. I also had a baked sweet potato (1) with a couple of spoonfuls of greek yogurt (0), salsa (0) and some light old cheddar (1)

DSCN5993 DSCN5991


Afterwards I had a bit of a sweet tooth… I had a spoonful of Crofter’s superfruit (1) but was still looking for something so I had 1/4c Kashi toasted berry crisp (1) and 1/8c unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (0)

I also had a few pieces of gummy candy I took to poor Alex at work tonight since he was working late (1)

Today’s total is 18 points and 3L of water.  I intended on a snack during Biggest Loser… but my stomach started feeling ‘funny’ and I lost my appetite.

Lunch/snacks are made for tomorrow. Dishes are done. Animals are fed. Bed is calling me. Good night to all!

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