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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I’m doing separate posts for each day. I apologize for the overload your google readers will have!

Saturday started off with some sleeping in followed by a hair trim (2 inches gone, but it was needed. My hairdresser took 1 look at my hair and said “holy girl! How did your hair get so long? It’s almost to your waist!”).  Yes, I needed a cut.  BUT she was exaggerating. My hair is NOT to my waist.  Following the hair cut it was time to do errands. I started off deciding to get my eyebrows waxed. Enter Jessica. A new girl who hasn’t done my brows before. She is very enthusiastic about her job. I walked out of there with TINTED and waxed brows. I thought they were FAR too dark at first, but now have taken a loving to them. My eyebrows have some blonde and some baby hairs in them so the ends of them are very faint… resulting in me having to draw/shade them in (when I dress up and actually do my make up).  No more shading in the brows!  yay!  I will take photos of them at some point.

Food on Saturday… breakfast started out with a PC thins bun. one half had greek yogurt with honey. They other side had some hummus, egg whites and cottage cheese.


Fast forward to dinner. We went back to Z-teca. Our new favourite burrito place. Alex got a “burrito bowl” (the insides of a burrito minus the bread)


I decided to get a vegetarian salad; romaine, black beans, corn, guacamole, cheese (I skipped the sour cream).  It came with dressing but it wasn’t needed, the thing was really moist without dressing. I fell in love and will go back for more! I couldn’t even eat the whole salad. What’s that? How does one not finish a salad??


That was Saturday.

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