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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hello dear friends!

Where have I been? I apologize… you know how life gets busy and we chose sleep over blogging.

When I last left you we were worried for my dear little cousin Princess, Raven.  I am happy to report after a visit to SickKids hospital they are confident she does NOT have Leukemia. She does have childhood ITP.  Scary stuff and it goes to show you that your kids’ symptoms needs to be taken seriously sometimes.  I’m glad my cousin thought to get Raven to a doctor and now they know she has to be “treated like glass” because any bumps, bruises, falls, etc. can result in internal bleeding.  BUT, at least it’s not Leukemia!

Okay… Friday Alex and I were going to a surprise location for dinner. Where did we end up?  DSCN6043 DSCN6044

Frankie Tomatto's! It’s an Italian buffet.  I went to town.

Plate #1: a few kinds of pasta, a few pieces of calamari, piece of eggplant parmesan and a piece of chicken parmesan


Plate #2: salad (not eaten – wasn’t so good), vegetarian pizza, cheese pizza and vegetarian bruschetta. Luckily the slices of pizza are not huge.


I went back for another piece of cheese pizza!


We were pretty full after 2 plates of food.  We still decided to try some dessert.  Let me tell you, desserts were disappointing… which I am choosing to see as a blessing in disguise. I dished up what I thought was a scoop and a half of maple ice cream. Wrong. Coffee flavour. Gross… didn’t eat it all.  The plate had bits and pieces of different things. None of them were great, but I still ate most of it.

DSCN6050 DSCN6049

That was Friday!

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