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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It’s been a LONG time. I shouldn’t have left you!

Hello blog world!

I’m sorry to leave you hanging… especially after that big confessions post.

First, thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and support. It felt good to tell the truth about what’s going on with me!

A big thanks to TARA too.  She is one of those thin friends I was referring to in my post. She has been friends with me since grade 1. Yep. We grew up in the same small town, our parents knew each other… and we have been great friends since we were about 5 years old (so… 26 years now?).  Tara is thin, beautiful and always the popular girl. She has always been a great friend and even in high school always made me feel welcome and NEVER made me feel she was embarrassed to be seen with me. It was just my own insecurities! Thanks for your wonderfully encouraging and supportive words Tara! You know you mean the world to me!! I can’t wait to meet your baby girl and watch you be an awesome mommy!!

So… on to life!  The good news is that my cousin’s daughter is doing okay.  The other good news is that I got my medical results back and all is well here!! What a relief!!!   The not so great news is that this weekend I had to say goodbye (for now!) to my sister and her family. Including my nephew who I adore more than life itself.  There were some tears shed but Simon was in such a great mood and more giggly than ever, so it was a fun day.  Here we are…


That’s us with “Tractor Tom”.  The boy LOVES his tractors and they are officially all named “Tractor Tom” … thanks to the Tractor Tom DVD I gave him at Christmas (something to watch BESIDES Toopy & Binoo!).

I have been tracking what I ate and I’m happy to report I did not binge this past weekend!  Exercise has been lacking a bit after a really chaotic weekend and busy day yesterday… which continued today as well as a headache. Tomorrow will be back at Couch to 5K week 4.

I have been taking food pictures periodically, so I’m just going to post what I have for your viewing pleasure…

me with my really orgasmic smoothie; mango, strawberry, banana, Greek yogurt, spinach and a teeny bit of HONEY! Why have I not added honey to them before? I will definitely do it again!DSCN6095

Have you seen these? They are pretty yummy. I think it was 5 of them for 1pt.DSCN6100

Breakfast pizza: baked a flatout wrap to crisp it up, then added salsa, 4 egg whites and mozzarella cheese, put it back in the oven & melt the cheeseDSCN6104

My pretty new iPhone!! I am in LOVE with it!DSCN6118

Multi grain thins bun, cottage cheese with vanilla protein powder and a sprinkle of honey on topDSCN6119

Gratuitous Simon picture!DSCN6138

One Bun thins with some PB and Crofter’sDSCN6161

I am off to bed!  Tomorrow’s mission will be to catch up on all of your wonderful blogs!!

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