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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I’m back! What an insanely busy few days!


Let’s recap, shall we?

Thursday night: Alex and I went to the Leafs game (I think that’s where my blog left off, isn’t it? I don’t remember!)

Friday: Up and at ‘em bright and early. Packed up, headed to parents’ house in the country for a day of baking, cooking, egg decorating and cleaning… then a late night run to Shopper’s Drug Mart

DSCN5484 Eggs!

DSCN5482 My dog the ALIEN


Snowmen? Yep, my mom still has snowmen S&P shakers out on her kitchen table. Oh mom.


Home sweet home!

Saturday consisted of getting up early and helping prepare for my mom’s family to come over for our annual outdoor egg hunt and Easter dinner. I wish I could tell you I took food photos… but I didn’t!


Can you spot the eggs in the tree? We hide plastic eggs filled with candy… but my sister’s boyfriend decided to head outside with chocolate eggs before the family came. These are the clever places he hid them. 



Dragonflies are really pretty in these parts


Flowers grow big here too

It was so warm and sunny I officially wandered outside in bare feet!DSCN5658 

I got to see my family, play with my nephew… and hold my cousin’s 2 month old baby girl. She’s so sweet.


Sunday morning was just us… and opening Easter baskets and finding the Easter eggs. Check out my basket (yes, the Easter bunny still comes to me. My parents refuse to accept their girls are growing up… and I have no problem with it!)


Here’s my nephew finding the eggs…


The afternoon was spent outside in the sun… taking more pictures of my nephew!! He will be 3yrs old on June 22.  Tell me he isn’t the sweetest thing!  (Just kidding – don’t tell me that. I don’t want to hear it!! heehee!)

DSCN5706 DSCN5672 DSCN5738 DSCN5741

We also spent COPIOUS time blowing bubbles. They are so pretty… we all love them in our family!


Monday was spent taking Chicklet to the vet, visiting a friend, doing laundry, packing up and making the 45min drive back to my place from my parents’ house. By the time I got home I was BEAT and basically went straight to bed. 

All in all I didn’t do great this weekend. Lots of walking and being outside, no serious cardio… and far too much indulging. I’m shaping up for a gain this week, but I’ll just plug away and prepare for a loss the next week!


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