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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jam Packed Post

So much to say tonight.

1. I drive between Whitby and Toronto every day on the 401, otherwise known as the Highway of Heroes. You see, fallen (Canadian) soldiers travel along this part of the highway to go to the coroner’s office (in Toronto) when they return home (at CFB Trenton).  It is quite a sight to see.  People (including public service workers – firemen, EMS, police) gather on overpasses along the 401 and stand in silence and wave their Canadian flags as the hearse(s) carry the soldiers.  They have Police escorts and Police block the on/off ramps to the highway at that time as well.

Today, while on my walk, I could see part of an overpass… people were gathering to see the latest fallen soldier’s journey into Toronto.  From the distance I was able to take a quick snapshot… if you look carefully you can see (past the Denny’s) a fire truck and a Canadian flag waving.


The first time I witnessed the sad journey I was driving home from work. I ended up getting on the highway RIGHT behind 3 hearses carrying 3 poor fallen boys. Knowing I was behind 3 boys who shouldn’t have died… and seeing people on the overpasses waving their flags, waving… and crying… it was very overwhelming and I cried the entire way. I felt like I should be in silence myself. I remember I kept the radio off.  I’ve seen many more since then. They don’t get any easier… but the love and pride people show to these poor kids is unbelievable.

Has anyone else witnessed a fallen soldier’s journey along the highway of heroes?

2. I like mourning doves. I saw so many of them making nests today (who knew they don’t make nests until now?).  They were going crazy gathering stuff from the grass/sidewalks today to make nests. I caught this little stalker watching me.

DSCN6031 DSCN6033

3. Pink stuff at my desk makes me happy

DSCN6006 DSCN6007 DSCN6009

4. Christmas always makes me happy as well… all year round. Yes, I am a freak and people despise when I tell them how many days there are until Christmas (FYI – 255 days to go). I have this sticker on my headset all year round.

DSCN6010 DSCN6011

5. Ugly Betty is ending tonight. I haven’t watched it in a few years but I did watch the first 2 years while it was on Thursdays. I feel compelled to watch it tonight and see how they wrap it up.

6. Alex informed me he is taking me somewhere EXCITING (but not fancy) for dinner on Friday. I managed to guess where we are going… but I can still surprise you guys! Stay tuned!

7. This is a food/exercise blog.  So, without further ado…

Today included a 50min walk at lunch (4.6Km) and week 2 session 3 of the couch to 5K.  I felt sick when I went to bed last night and unfortunately woke up with “gastro issues” in the night, so a c25k session didn’t happen this morning… but I made it happen tonight.  It felt great. I actually found myself wanting to jogging intervals to last longer… but made sure to stick with the plan.

So, what did I eat today?

Breakfast was just 1/2 weight watcher bagel (1) in order to appease my stomach


Snack was some mango and blueberries (2)… still YUMM

DSCN6001 DSCN6003

Lunch was a spinach salad with 30g light cheddar (2) and veggies (0) with 4tbsp Renee’s Wellness Tuscan dressing (0)… followed by some cucumbers with Renee’s Wellness Yogurt cucumber and dill dressing (1)

DSCN6015  DSCN6017


Snack was a protein cupcake the same as yesterday (3). It doesn’t look like much but hot damn it is good.


Dinner… I was craving protein for some reason. I made up a plate with turkey breast (2), 30g light cheddar (2), 1 tbsp spicy hummus (1) and 1/4c ff cottage cheese (0) and mustard (0)


What you didn’t see was the granola (2) and almond breeze (0) that followed… followed by Kashi toasted berry crisp (4) and more almond breeze (1)… and then a spoon with a mixture of light cream cheese and Crofter’s North America (1)

Total: 22

Meals are made, dishes are done. I guess I can now head to bed and watch the rest of Ugly Betty there.

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