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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Date Night & Sleepless in T.O.

What a great night! We decided to go straight to the movie and then have dinner afterwards.  We went to see Date Night!


So funny! We both laughed out loud throughout the whole movie.  I had packed snacks for us to smuggle in…


After the movie we went to Z-teca. I had decided to switch up my burrito for a salad and was quite happy with my decision. While the website says they’re open until 10… they closed at 9 tonight and we were 10min too late to eat there.  After much contemplating we landed on Jack Astors.  We started out with garlic bread. White bread, butter, olive oil, garlic… it’s healthy, right? 


(Yep, I had my camera with me tonight!)

We were STARVING by the time we were eating dinner. I ordered a chicken sandwich with spinach and goat cheese on focaccia bread.  I asked for a side baked potato (which wasn’t listed as an option for a side… but I asked, and I received!).  I got salsa on the side of the baked potato. The waiter thought I was a little odd, but that’s okay! My dinner:


I ate the potato and half the sandwich.

Well, it’s almost 4am and I suppose I should TRY to get some sleep.  Busy day tomorrow… see you then!

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