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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You win some, you lose some

I'm going to be up tomorrow. There's no way around it at this point. My food has been acceptable, but I'm sure I could have done better. I was really hoping to reach a certain weight for Christmas... but if it doesn't happen this week, it will happen after Christmas. I keep telling myself it's OKAY.

Here's today's menu:
BF - applesauce (1), ww rye bread (1), 2 tbsp blue menu almond butter (4)
Lunch - romaine (0), cheese (2), tuna (1), olives (1), balsamic spritzer (0). yogurt (1). cup of soup (1)
Dinner - same salad as lunch (4). 30g of almonds (4). Nutri whip left over from last night, 6tbsp (2) - yes, I know that's not a very healthy desser for dinner, but it looked good!

Good luck tomorrow TARA! I hope you do better than me!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Hey Jen...I'm in the same boat as you at this point. Sometimes your body just does it's own thing. It's OK, that's how it works. We'll just keep strong over Christmas and then start losing again! My plan was a little unhealthy anyway as I was wanting to lose so I could get away with not having to be so diligent over the holidays...probably a bad idea!!