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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I will survive

Today is the big challenge. the sibley family christmas. so much food, so much munchies... and i'll likely be hungry. i guess my mom isn't counting points for the holidays... the cheese and cracker platter i put together last night has no light crackers and NO light cheese. i made taco dip yesterday with light cream cheese, fat free miracle whip, fat free sour cream, salsa, and light shredded cheese... my mom didn't get baked tostitos. this day could be a challenge. we're having meat and buns and cheese for dinner... i can let myself have a bun with the turkey mom cooked... and mustard... no cheese. one cousin is bringing a vegetable platter... i can have some of those without dip i guess. i dunno - we'll see how well i do today!!!

yesterday i did have a couple of cake balls (but they're made the ww cake way, the only points really are the milk chocolate on the outside) - my guess is (3pts for 2) AND i had some fudge when i was making it (4?). i didn't even have time for lunch, i was doing so much cleaning and cooking here. for dinner i had a salad with chicken breast (2), light feta (2), and balsamic spray (0) along with a tomato cup a soup (2). add this to my ww bagel and cheese (4) in the morning and there's my day. i actually COULD have eaten more. that's okay, i'm sure i'll inevitabley make up for it today.

i'll be back to update how today went... probably not until tomorrow from my apartment (where there's high speed!).

happy saturday everyone... enjoy all of your christmas parties! behave!!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

You will do well today, Jen! I have faith! Don't deprive yourself too much...everything in moderation and we will maintain over the holidays and lose in the New Year!!
ALL the best to you and your family. Have fun at Simon's 1st Christmas :)