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Monday, December 10, 2007

Is it Christmas yet?

I'd like it to be Christmas and for myself to have a week off work. Can someone make that happen ASAP please?

I was busy trying to get stuff done before work then work was very busy, then I came home and watched the finale of The Hills... and here we are.

I almost went straight to bed, but realized I must not fail this menu challenge Tara and I have going on!

Today's Menu:
BF - ww english muffin (1), 1/2tbsp light JIF PB (1), source yogurt (1)
Lunch - tin of tuna (4), 2 egg whites (0), relish (0), red onion (0), frank's (0)
Dinner - sald with romaine (0), turkey pepperette (1), 30 g light cheddar (2), sun dried tomatoes (0), 10 sprays of hellman's balsamic spritzer (0). source yogurt (1)
Snack - 10 wheat thins (1)

I just now have realized I didn't eat enough today... but I was too busy and then too exhausted tonight!

I spoke to my cousin Stacey tonight and she TOO said she struggled yesterday and just felt really hungry. What's up with that??

Now, time for BED!

1 comment:

Tara said...

JEN...that's not near enough food! Eat up, girl! I'm glad you came on and posted your menu...we're doing so well with keeping track. Way to go!!