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Friday, December 21, 2007

And so it begins... HOORAY!

I think my sleep deprivation from the last few days is catching up to me... plus the excitement of the season. i'm so emotional today... I'm crying for no reason (not bauling, just periodically tears come out. i don't know why!). I think i'm just so happy to have Simon with us for Christmas this year... and every year now I get sad that my grandparents aren't here for Christmas yet again... and this year I get sad because they never got to meet Simon... but then again, I do believe these emotions are also heightened by lack of sleep (due to my christmas excitement insomnia).

Today i'm heading to mom and dad's to do last minute baking and cleaning preparations for the big christmas gathering tomorrow. tomorrow my dad's sister and her husband and their kids and grandkids will come over (dad's family minus dad's brother - we really don't associate with him anymore). In total there will be about 20 of us (just my dad and his sister and their families between the 2 of them. that's a lot for just 2 siblings. i bet my grandparents would love that between dad and aunt bonnie they have 20 family members. actually, only 1 of which they never met [Simon]). Sunday it's back to toronto for christmas here. Monday i work in the morning (not that I plan on working! i just didn't want to use a full vacation day for a half day of work!). I'll leave work on Monday and head to pontypool. from there we will get all dressed up and head up to cameron for our christmas eve party at aunt faye's. santa comes and hands out gifts, it's very exciting. we'll leave there and head back to pontypool. typically we're home around midnight... who knows how early we'll leave for Simon this year. We'll come home and get our christmas eve pj's and head to bed... then we'll be up as early as Simon permits (this is the ONE year I will cave and not make people get up at 7am) and open gifts. from there we have to rush to get BACK to cameron and go to grandma's farm for christmas lunch... and then we spend the day there (minus michele, jacob and simon - they'll be at the ruff's). by christmas day night the 4 of us left (mom, dad, kristen and myself) plop on the couch and don't move until the 27th. boxing day we do nothing and i think we love it!

i have a plan of attack for my food. i'm so determined NOT to gain weight... but it may be inevitable. i was at walmart at 6:30 this morning to finish up shopping i FORGOT i had to do (buy mom and dad's xmas eve gifts from santa). i was there for an hour... it was fun actually. so close to christmas and walmart was EMPTY! i also bought tons of cup of soups and healthy request soups... my plan is to have soup as snacks and lunch as much as i can... i don't know why that is my plan. it just is. i also am taking home my tuna that i really like (costco ocean's tuna)... alex and i are likely going to costco on the 28th so i can buy more then... so i'm taking what i've got home with me to help me survive the holidays!

so far today i've had a ww bagel (2) with light cheese (2).

i will check in over the holidays every day of course... the posts will be short and without graphics due to being at mom's... but i will be a devoted blogger!!!

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