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Saturday, December 08, 2007

So far, So good!

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Yesterday I did pretty well with my menus... and because I have to keep up with mine and Tara's menu challenge, I'll get right to it!

BF - source yogurt (1), apple (1)
Lunch - sm Greek salad with lettuce (0), kalamata olives (1), onion and tomato (0), feta (4 maybe?), vinigrette drsg (3 maybe?), pc of bread (4 maybe?)
Snack - goodbye cake for a girl at work which was a WW recipe (4)
Dinner - Salad with romaine (0), kalamata olives (1), egg white (0), mozzarella (2), tomato (0), 3tbsp FF italian (0), 4pc pizza hut edge veggie (4)

BF - 2pc edge veggie (2 - yes, i know i'm gross but I was in a hurry to eat while heading out to the store!)
BF #2 - WW english muffin from the states (1), 1tbsp light jif PB (2)

The rest of the day is PLANNED:
Lunch - pita pit falafel pita with tzatziki (10)
dinner at mom and dad's - chicken fajitas (i will have to update tomorrow, i'm going to try to keep it as LOW POINT as possible!)

Today I went to shoppers drug mart and cashed in on their points special day... i managed to get $400 worth of stuff and only paid the tax!! I've gotten my shopping done now except for ONE gift left to buy (i know what it is and where it is, just have to go there on a lunch and get it, perhaps Tuesday). All of the gifts are wrapped and I put them all under the tree for a picture, now I have them packed up to take to mom and dad's so that's one less thing i have to worry about in a couple of weeks when I head home for christmas!

I'm heading to Pontypool now to help decorate the tree and visit with my mom and dad.

Here's the tree with the gifts:

And here's the flowers Alex gave me for our anniversary this year (because I don't think I've posted any pics of them):

1 comment:

Tara said...

Good planning, Jen! I'm off to post my plan now!
I am super jealous of your pretty presents. I'm not done shopping nor have I even considered wrapping anything. Man, where does the time go???