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Sunday, December 16, 2007

I came, I baked, I CONQUERED

It's taking me forever to post this because I'm posting from DIAL UP at mom and dad's (now THAT is dedication - TARA, I know you can empathize on Pontypool internet frustrations!)

Basically, I've kicked butt this weekend at home. Yesterday I didn't end up eating much because I wasn't hungry, came home and helped with Simon and ended up holding him for his whole nap because napping was tough for him yesterday... before I knew it, it was dinner. I had chicken (3), stovetop stuffing (3), pasta/vegetable stuff which I do know was (2pts) because I made a point of looking on the package, parisienne potatoes x8 (3 i think? i forget now). I had a 100cal chocolate bar for dessert (2), and a 100cal pack for snack later (2). this is on top of my yogurt for breakfast (1) and my cup a soup as a mid afternoon snack (1).

I ate more today, but that was okay because I didn't eat all of my points yesterday. I have done SOME snacking while baking... but overall I'm really pleased with the lack of snacking I've done, I could have done a LOT more damage... i just kept reminding myself how I want to lose at least 3lbs this week and reach the 70 mark for christmas (what a great gift to myself, no?).

BF - yogurt (1), apple (1), ww tortilla (1), cheese slice (1)
Lunch - lettuce (0), cheese string (1), 1/2c tuna (2), spring roll (3)
Snacking while baking - I don't think it could possibly be any more than 5pts, but i will overestimate just in case (8)
Dinner - 2pc ww bread (1), 2 cheese slices (1), chicken breast (2)
Snack - not sure, likely a 100 cal something at some point (2)

Now i'm going to go out and shovel some snow for some exercise. I'm in Pontypool for the night. The consensus is that I should stay put tonight and go to work from here tomorrow.

I don't have graphics on mom's computer... so I leave you without any. Happy Sunday!

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