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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh boy. I'm losing this battle!

Okay, so yesterday was a DISASTER. Thank god i'm not weighing in officially until the first week of January. I did well for breakfast, just an apple and cheesestring... i didn't really eat lunch.. then when I was helping put together another dessert tray i had a rocky road square... then i found the snacks mid-afternoon... i had a few tostitos (not even 10) and some of the taco dip... i had some shrimp (which isn't so bad) with the cocktail sauce... at dinner i had a kaiser bun (whole wheat) with some turkey and mustard and cheese (NOT light cheese), a few tbsp of potato salad (NOT light!), some raw veggies, and 6 blue menu chicken meatballs... then i was stuffed. THEN later on the desserts came out... i went nutso. I had 2 cakeballs (they're actually only about 1pt ea from what i can figure... maybe 3pts for 2 of them), i had 2 pieces of fudge... and oh, about 10,000 different kinds of squares (in all honesty, i don't remember how many i had... probably about 5 at least).

the day was shot. this morning i stepped on the scale and was 3lbs heavier than yesterday morning. crap.

you would think that would kick me in the butt for today? nope. it's sooooo hard to get back to eating healthy when there's a house full of sweets and after eating so many last night, that's all you want again today. (and unlike Tara, I have NOT run!). today i had an apple and cheesestring for breakfast... then a cake ball, then a square... then i had lunch (just a cup a soup) then a 100cal pack, then 2 ww chocolates... then low fat triscuits (about 10 at the most) AND regular cheese... not low fat. i also had about 3 squares of desserts (date square, peanut butter square, and some caramel square thing). oh boy.

shortly we're heading for swiss chalet for dinner... i think i better try to be good.

I will heed tara's advice in her comment and not deprive myself... i'll remember how much weight i gained last year over christmas and try not to do the same... but not kill myself over it... i'll work hard in the new year when my resolution will be to get BACK to jogging at LEAST 4 mornings a week! there we go - my resolution is in print.

i will try to post tomorrow... but definitely won't get a chance on christmas day...

merry christmas to all!!!!

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