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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Proactive, I AM!

I'm heading to mom and dad's. This is always a challenge for me. 2 weeks ago I kicked butt. Last week, I kicked half a butt (one cheek?)I did great on Saturday and Sunday I started to fall apart. This weekend, I'm kicking a whole butt. a BIG butt!

I'm eating breakfast here I think... despite not being hungry at all. I feel too busy to eat, but I will make myself eat the most important meal of the day!
I've grabbed my dessert teas to help me get through the evenings.
I've pre-made some tuna to be able to eat at lunch today and tomorrow (tuna with frank's hot sauce, garlic powder, and red onion).
I have a serious goal of losing 3lbs this week (that will get me to the 70lb overall mark!) and I'm not going to let any tough days stand in my way!

I forgot to mention what a great day yesterday was (besides my poor lawyer starting to get sick).

At work a girl (my friend who is getting married, whom I am the maid of honour for - she started working at my work full time yesterday) happened to notice I'm losing weight again (yay).
Last night alex and i were walking about of the LCBO and out of nowhere he told me my face looks thinner... you have to love those little compliments when they say them because they mean them and not because they're just trying to be nice or they've done something wrong or they think you're mad at them and they're kissing butt... he had no agenda, just told me my face is thinner.

okay, time to make a christmas CD for the road and get OUT of HERE!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Thanks for the comments Jen. I usually have at least a day a week where I don't care as much. But yesterday was not supposed to be that day! I kept telling myself not to eat the pizza...and then NOT listening!
Good planning for going home to your parents house. It's always a challenge when you're out of your environment!
And it is so exciting to get an "out of nowhere" comment. There's nothing better :) Especially when you've been working so hard.
Have an excellent weekend!