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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last WI before Christmas... no goal

I won't be reaching my goal. I'm sure i'm up today as well (but haven't stepped on the scale. I'm practicting avoidance). But just for ritualistic sake:

I should mention one good thing about my week. Yesterday we had our office holiday lunch and I didn't touch any of it! The agency supplied the food and all of us bakers brought in treats... I touched NOTHING! I ate my healthy lunch I took with me and didn't touch the desserts. It was pretty easy to do when I was still feeling guilty about eating all that nutri whip and the cupcake from the night before!

Good luck TARA!!!


Tara said...

Props to you for yesterday. As you know, I was not that successful and I know how HARD that is!! Awesome job!
Good luck might be surprised.

Tara said...

Yes, you're family night. Lee and little P's social calendar is very busy this time of year :) And with the shows being reruns, I'll have to wrap presents instead!!!