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Friday, December 14, 2007

Keeping my EYE on the PRIZE

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I'm being tested here (my strength and willpower that is).

I haven't eaten much today so that I would have points to enjoy when we go out for dinner tonight. Alex is running a bit late (he had a busy day)... so this is turning into a TRUE TEST for me. I'm pretty good now at NOT snacking before we go out for dinner on Fridays... but tonight it's that much later. I ate my lunch late at work so i'm not even starving... but it's testing my old habits and my tendency to grab snacks while waiting for things/people! I'm going to WIN this battle though!!

ALSO today i had the BEST surprise at work. I was paged to reception because someone was there to see me (you always DREAD if a client tracks you down and wants to meet you). I walk out there and who do I see? my sweet little nephew with my sister!! michele handed him over and let me take him all around the office showing him off. I was in heaven. It was sooooo hard giving him up and going BACK to work!! At least i'll be spending the weekend with him in Pontypool. Michele and mom and I are going to be knee deep in baking and i'm definitely taking breaks to play with him!! man, it's amazing how much I love that baby!!! I can't imagine how much my sister and brother in law must love him.

Okay, enough sap. I'm just so happy because i really don't see simon as often as i would like (that would be every day, BTW!)

Today's menu:
BF - yogurt (1), yep. one measley yogurt because i was running late.
Lunch - ww bagel (2) with chicken breast (2), cheese slice (1) and FF miracle whip 1/2tbsp (0). apple (1). *i had more packed but work was so busy i didn't eat any more*
*Edit to update dinner*: Alex isn't feeling so hot. staying in for dinner... ww bagel (2), morningstar farm pizza burger (3), cheese slice (1), 28mccain fries (4). 100cal pack (2)

I'm saving a few points in case we want something to eat later!

Happy WEEKEND! everyone better get all settled in a safe place and prepare for this SNOW STORM!
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1 comment:

Tara said...

How exciting that the little man made an appearance at work today!! They are getting to be so much fun as they grow up, aren't they??
Good job on holding off the food. You are doing so well, I should take a lesson from you cause I suck!!!
Have a fun weekend :)