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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday: The results post

I was down 2.8lbs!

Now, I wish i could take wonderful credit of this loss with hard work and lot's of exercise... but let's be honest. I have my sore throat and the fact that I haven't really eaten solids for 2 days to thank.

The next challenge will be to still lose NEXT week... when I'm feeling better. Also, let's face it. losing 15lbs by christmas is highly unlikely if i'm going to do it the HEALTHY way (and fortunately i LOVE food too much to cut back enough to lose 15lbs in 20 days). But i will be curious to see how close i can get to my goal!

Tara - I heard no mention of your Thursday evening visitors? Are you on your own tonight?

Happy FRIDAY everyone!


Tara said...

Hey, a loss is a loss! Take it when you can! You'll do fine next long as you don't look at your post from yesterday :)
No visitors tonight. Lee is at the Bon Jovi concert. Little P will be making an appearence on Sat. for an overnight WITHOUT mommy! I get him all to myself for 24 hours! Should be fun. I think that cereal and peas are on the menu for him. So fun now that he's "eating"! Will have to get some good pics of that!
Have an excellent weekend!

Tara said...

sounds like a good challenge. I will post my menus EVERYDAY!!! If not, I will post the next day for sure!!
I couldn't be happier that it's Friday!
Have a great weekend. AND be good and OP!