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Sunday, December 09, 2007

That's it, I'm sewing my mouth SHUT

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why am i so flippin hungry today??

Overall, yesterday was much better than today but given I was at mom and dad's and mom was doing Christmas baking, I really did restrain myself a lot more than I wanted (although, I'm sure I could have done better).

Sunday's Menu:
BF - 3 egg whites (1), salsa (0), cheese slice (1), banana (2)
Lunch - 2 ww tortillas (2), chicken breast (3), 2 cheese slices (1), mustard (0), 4 clementines (2)
Snack - THREE small gingerbread cookies (3), 100cal pack (2), apple (1)
snack #2 - turkey pepperette (1), craisins (2)
Dinner - BOCA cheeseburger (2), 14 low fat fries (2), ketchup (0)
AND BECAUSE I was STILL hungry - 6c smart pop (2), 100cal oreos (2)

Yup, this is way too much to eat if I want to reach my goal. At least Kristen and I shovelled ice/snow off the back deck for about 45min today. Man, did that work up a sweat!

The rest of the week shall be better! I plan on making some healthy tuna cakes to eat on salads this week.

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1 comment:

Tara said...

Too funny that we both had "issues" today! We're on the same wavelength, girl! Good job getting out there to shovel! It's cold! This winter just seems so damn cold to me...the thought of going outside is just not appealing. So for excercise, I danced with Preston! Ok, that can't be classified as excercise but at least I was warm :)