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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I hope nobody is looking for Pontypool...

... because i ATE it

seriously. i have eaten everything in sight for 5 days (saturday to today, with the exception of Sunday). if there's a cookie/square/pie within a 10 mile radius... chances are, I have eaten it. i constantly feel full and ill... and then the feeling fades and i look for more. i have a sugar addiction i think. man, i love being here but it will be good to get back to routine and food structure, be past the holidays, and just get to GOAL. i think i'm strangely okay with any weight i've gained because i know i will get that focus back and get back on track once the holidays are over. for me, that is tomorrow. i'll be back at my place tomorrow and back to eating healthy. i'll be back at mom and dad's for saturday/sunday - but i'll be back to my healthy routine and will resist treats.

needless to say, i did NOT go to WW tonight and have NOT weighed in. i'll start weighing myself saturday morning again... and gear up for a week from tonight when i'm back to WW (with the rest of the free world who decides to make their new years resolution losing weight... they are the reason our meetings are standing room only for january... until 99% of them quit at the end of the month).

new years resolutions anyone? i think mine will be to get back at the treadmill... whether it be walking or jogging... i'd like to be on it at least 5 days a week for at least 30min. i think that's reasonable.

AND once i'm back to my high speed internet tomorrow i look forward to updating my blog template and moving on from christmas... onto a fresh look and re-focus and gearing up for more menu challenge!!!

happy friday to all who have to work!

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