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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Live from Pontypool... It's SATURDAY NIGHT!

I'm in Pontypool... doing a quick post. Alex has left. I am sad, I miss him aleady (okay, enough of that..)

I am proud to say I am doing okay... but I fear that's not good enough. It's midnight and I don't feel 'hungry'... maybe I did eat too much?

Today I got on the treadmill and enjoyed a 45min jog before getting all packed up and heading to Pontypool for mom and michele's birthdays.

Here's a quick recap of what I've eaten
BF - protein bar (4) - btw... kristen's boyfriend, kurt, is a trainer and he totally approves the protein bars mom and i got ("motivate" at Costco)... says they're good ones!
Lunch - protein shake (3) - my protein powder also received the Kurt seal of approval tonight
Snack (while everyone else was snacking on chocolate and chips, etc) - healthy fruit/veggie bites (1)
Dinner - 2pcs veggie pizza from Pontypool store (8), ceasar salad with ff drsg, croutons, bacon bits, skim milk cheese (5), pineapple angel food cake (2) w/ ff cool whip (1)
Total: 24 (maybe I snacked on a bit of cheese while making the cheese garlic bread I didn't eat... so maybe I should say 2pts at most for that and make my total 26).

So, my accomplishment for today? NOT eating the lemon cake I made with a TON of cream cheese icing in the middle and buttcream on the outside... I didn't even have a smidge of it... and no ice cream either!! I am feeling happy!!!

We even played some Wii tonight (including, but not limited to, boxing... a bit of cardio!!).

Happy weekend!

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