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Thursday, February 19, 2009

It happens...

Just like Tara said.

I thought I might be up, but not this much... 0.8lbs I've gained. It wasn't the worst week in history, but I could have improved. I really have to make a goal of not blowing it when I go to Pontypool this weekend... that was my struggle last weekend. I actually think once I'm back to routine next week at work I'll do better as well.

I was bummed and went to shoppers on the way home... I looked at all the chocolate there and finally did allow myself to buy peanut butter cups...

So, today we have:
Breakfast - oatmeal (2), yogurt (1)
Dinner - subway (12), peanut butter cups (6)
Total: 21

*Now, the question is... will I actually make my nachos I thought about having? I have baked tostitos and light cheez whiz and salsa... right now I'm full, so we'll see if it's something I desire during Grey's... in which case I will eat another 6 points and dip into my flex (Thursday after weigh in is an okay time to use flex points!!)*

Answer: I ate the nachos! I melted 4tbsp light cheez whiz and then stirred in some salsa... for a cheesy salsa dip... and then had 14 baked tostitos and dipped in my cheesy salsa.

Happy Friday... let's get our butt's in gear for next week. I vow to make good decisions and feel proud of myself after my weekend!!!

Some Final thoughts for tonight after watching Grey's.

1. I hate death... it's so sad. I love the episodes where nobody dies. I hate the episodes where somebody dies while they are still young and it's not their time.

2. I would love for Dr. McSteamy to save me... he is definitely my favourite. I wouldn't want him to be my family doctor or anything... just have to save me from a splinter or papercut or something.

1 comment:

Tara said...

K, if you make the nachos then please bring some over here!!
I'm hardly the one to be inspiring about weightloss lately. It seems I've been yo-yo'ing along and not really accomplishing too much. We NEED to do this though. Somehow we must find a way!!!! This will be our week :)
Enjoy your snacks tonight!!