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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today is the day

I know it may be a bit late to wish us luck for today... but I'm going to (by "us" I mean Tara and myself).

I did go on the treadmill today... but I'm not feeling optimistic at all for my results. This weekend is going to be busy and a good test to my control and will power... and desire to get to goal weight already. This is going to be a huge test.

I didn't go on the treadmill for as long today, just 45min (but did intervals today) because I feared my muscles working too hard and retaining water or something... or, I was just tired and I'm using my muscles as an excuse.

I haven't eaten much today. I'm actually not feeling the greatest. Here's what I've had
Breakfast: black coffee (0), yogurt (1), oatmeal (2)

I still plan on having my subway for dinner (of course!). I will be back to update results later!

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