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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baking? Anyone? Anyone?

I've been baking again tonight... and making birthday cards. I love baking, but I will be glad not to tomorrow night! I will bake again on Saturday since I'm going to bake some chocolate cupcakes or brownies to take to my Poppa Jim on Sunday!

Here's some photos of the baking (which is for people at work... which I'm not getting paid for!).
Lemon cupcakes with whipped filling and cream cheese frosting... for a birthday party at work tomorrow:
Red velvet cupcakes (just a typical white cake but add cocoa or melted semi sweet chocolate and red food colouring!) with cream cheese frosting... and a candy for decoration: Sugar cookies (decorated with royal icing... just icing sugar, water and meringue powder):

I did get on the treadmill today but not for long... I was up late baking and busy this morning doing stuff for today's "accreditation jubilation". Tomorrow morning I plan to do a real last chance workout... and feel like my legs will fall off! I feel bloated today so at this point I'm not optimistic I will be down this week!!!

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast - 2 oranges (2), yogurt (1), ww toast (1), pb (2)
Lunch - 1 slice veggie pizza at a meeting (4) - veggie pizza the day before weigh in? could be trouble! 1/2c chick peas (2), salsa (0), cheese (1), lettuce wraps (0), yogurt (1), apple (1)
Dinner - ww bagel (2), cheese (2), steamed veggies (0), chicken (3)
Total: 22
Water: 4L

The good news is that Poppa Jim is doing really well and is able to speak again... he's the best anyone has seen him in the last couple of weeks!! On Sunday I am going to Pontypool to see Grandma, then go with mom and dad and grandma to visit Poppa Jim in the hospital... then head to the farm to take grandma back... then back to Pontypool and back to Toronto on Monday (hopefully!).

Good luck tomorrow... jury is still out for me!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Baking? Um, yes please!! I will have one of each! Plus one of Poppa Jim's brownies :) I'm glad to hear he's doing so well. That is great news!
Good luck tonight! Hopefully you didn't lose your legs in the last chance workout :)