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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rockin' it!!!


So, I was in Pontypool from Friday evening until later last night... the weather was absolute CRAP in Pontypool yesterday afternoon and kept me from coming back to the city to go to work (for last night's evening shift). Poor me, I had to stay with my nephew a little longer... It was a great weekend. The poor little toddler was sick (cold), but he is a tropper and still loves to march around, chat up a storm and play... but then he had more 'cuddly' moments because of being sick. He even came up and ASKED me for a hug at one point... it was so sad and sweet.

I will stop there because I could talk about him and tell stories about him all night!!

I managed to stick *mostly* to my plan this weekend! This morning my scale did not show a loss from Friday morning... but didn't show a gain! No exercise on the weekend (aside from walking around with Simon)... but I managed to stay enough on track to not have a gain after a weekend at mom and dad's (something that never happens!). By the time I got back last night I was exhuasted and didn't even bother posting... but tonight, I will!

I went to Costco in Peterborough with my mom on Saturday (grandpa got to stay home and have grandpa/Simon time). While there, I came across these:

They're by sun-rype and they are totally all-natural ingredients (all fruit and vegetable puree, juices). They are 2 points for 23 pieces and they are like eating gummi candies!!! They fit my challenge this week perfectly!! AND... 23 of the "candies" is 3 fruit/vegetable servings in your day! Last night I pre-counted out 2 point portions and put them in individual ziploc bags!!

Okay, sales pitch is over. Today I managed to get back on the treadmill! Then went to work...

Here is what I ate:
Breakfast: 2 egg whites (0), flatout wrap (1), salsa (0)
Lunch: 1c whole wheat pasta (3), salsa (0), 1/4c chick peas and black beans (1), yogurt (1)
Snack: protein shake with frozen fruit (1), yogurt (1), 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (1), crystal light (0)
Snack #2: larabar (4)
Dinner: salad with veggies (0), tuna (1), skim milk cheese (1), balsamic dressing with 2 tsp EVOO (2), balsamic vinegar (0), garlic (0), mustard (0), hot sauce (0)
Total: 17
Water: 6L - woohooo, back up to more water!!!

I said I was going to post what I ate on the weekend... I did actually record what I ate, but I'm too lazy to record it... so, I will disclose to you what I ate that wasn't entirely healthy: 4 jubes, 3 coffee crisp singles, 100cal pack of sunchips. I did eat 1/2c of whole fat ice cream... BUT I have read somewhere that having 1 serving of full fat dairy a day is actually best for you... and they said that includes portion-controlled ice cream! I don't know that I'll buy any for here... but it was a treat I felt worthy of at mom and dad's house!!

On to tomorrow... It feels great to actually feel like I'm treating my body well and fueling it well... my mood (despite being my 'week of the month') is great!!

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Tara said...

Good job, Jen! Your weekend sounds great...both Simon and the food you ate!
Somebody had those sun rype things at work before. I sampled them and they are tasty. I hadn't seen them in any stores though! I'll have to look for them now! How was the Peterborough Costco? I haven't made it there yet.
And you did much better than I did in Pontypool! We were there on Saturday and decided to have an appetizer dinner - which maybe why my scale is taking longer to be nice to me!!! Hopefully by Thursday though!
Keep rockin' it :)