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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ready or not...

Well, I'm not ready... but weigh in day is coming regardless.

I have decided to start planning for next week (how often have we heard that?). I am coming up with my meal plans for the week (beginning Friday) and will grocery shop accordingly.

I made the mistake of taking my B12 vitamin before bed last night. NEVER AGAIN! It really woke me up!! I can take a B complex before bed, but not the straight up B12... I was up until 3am. How did I remedy my fatigue this morning? Coffee and more B12! It made for a great day!!

Here's what I ate today
Breakfast: fruit salad (2), yogurt (1)
Lunch: chicken breast (3), steamed veggies (0), fruit salad (1), cheese (2)
Dinner: 6 egg whites (2), steamed peppers (0), cheese (2), yogurt (1), angel food cake muffin (2)
Dessert at lunch and dinner: chocolate milk (6)
Total: 22
Water: 4L (plus maybe one more)

Good luck tomorrow. i will not have favourable results, but what can you do? I will still reach goal weight this year!!

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