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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pro-healthy way... for today!

So far, this 'healthy way' is totally working for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning!! It motivated me and made it that much easier to get on the treadmill again... yay!

I'm now home and have eaten dinner... I will get tomorrow's lunch made and the dishes done before settling in for The Biggest Loser. Unfortunately it's only 1hr of biggest loser tonight and the 2nd half is tomorrow night... all because of Obama's address to Congress being televised... but, looking on the bright side, we get TWO nights of Bob!!

Here's what I ate today
Breakfast: oatmeal (2)
Snack at work: protein shake, made the same as yesterday and very yummy (3)
Lunch: 1c whole wheat pasta (3) with salsa (0) and skim milk cheese (1)... tuna with hot sauce and garlic (1), 1c fruit salad (1), yogurt (1)
PM snack: fruit snacks (2), protein bar (3)
Dinner: chicken breast marinated in balsamic vinegar and garlic then steamed (3), steamed peppers, mushrooms and zucchini (0)
Total: 20
Water: 5.5L

I really didn't feel hungry for dinner tonight after my big PM snack... but knew if I didn't eat, I would be starving when it's time for bed. Let me tell you, my chicken was soooooo good! I could have eaten more (so much for not feeling hungry!!)

Happy Hump day!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

And on to the NEXT healthy day! Good job today :) And look at you puttin' in the excercise as well! Rock on!
Did you cry when Bob did??? I felt so sad for him. Then, I remembered it's just a TV show. Should be interesting to see what happens tonight. They are hinting that the elimination is from the Blue team. We shall see!
Good luck tomorrow :)