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Monday, February 02, 2009

Emotional Eating at its BEST!

The good news? Poppa Jim continues to improve. They found more blood on the brain... which is concerning. They did another operation on him today, but his symptoms continue to improve. Apparently it's not uncommon for someone his age (a young and ripe 79!) to have more bleeding after the first operation. Stacey and Aunt Faye are with him today and tomorrow and they are very pleased with how he looks. He recognized Stacey immediately and his speech is improving (it was slow).

The weekend was full of ups and downs... and lot's of eating. I literally stopped keeping track of what I was eating. My weight this morning... not pretty. It's back to the highest it was after Christmas. I feel a little hopeless.... this stress is not going away any time soon (after popppa jim gets better more stress will start with what will happen to my grandma and poppa jim)... i'm just going to have to adjust. I have to recall that I have to reach goal weight this year.

I haven't been tracking (in a WW tracker) what i've eaten this week (Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon)... but I can tell you what I ate today.

BF - skipped it. Was running late for a meeting
Lunch - healthy pizza (same veggie pizza I made before) (5), fruit salad (2), yogurt (1)
Dinner - lettuce wraps with chicken breast (3), cheese (2), salsa (0), spoonful of black beans (0), 1 tbsp ff sour cream (0), yogurt (1), snap peas (0)
Snack - lemon angelfood cake x2 (4)
Total: 18

Lemon angelfood cake you ask? My mom printed off a recipe last weekend from WW that I wanted to try... mix fruit pie filling with angelfood cake mix and bake. It's 2pts for 1/24th of the cake. My mom and I made it with raspberry pie filling... I'm not so crazy about the raspberry seeds in my teeth. The recipe recommended blueberry pie filling. Tonight I made it with lemon pie filling... and I baked it in 24 muffin tins... so I have cupcakes!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Hey there sunshine!
I'm glad to hear that your Poppa Jim is doing OK. It's definitely hard to stay on track when there's something so big happening in life. Heck, it's hard at the best of times. Just hang in the best you can right now and you will catch up when the time is right.
The lemon angelfood cake sounds delicious. I may just have to try that...