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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What happened to Tuesday?

It took me a minute, but I figured out what I did Tuesday. Ran an errand after work and then came home to bake cupcakes for a bridal shower at work today. Tonight I met up with my friend Karey for dinner after work... now I'm home and am ready for quality time with my couch. This week has ended up being a write-off for activity.

Today didn't involve much food. I have decided to really cut back since my activity sucks. I can't seem to find time for the treadmill (although am wishing I had good enough shoes to start running outside with my ipod sometimes. Tara - I think I will summons you to help me find good shoes at some point!).

Today I ate:
breakfast - watermelon (1), nectarine (1)
Lunch - tomato (0), avocado (4), watermelon (1)
Dinner - balsamic salad at William's coffee pub (3) with 2 small flatbread wedges (?2), watermelon (1)
(Can we tell I'm trying to eat up a whole watermelon before it goes bad??)
Snack - FF cool whip stuff (2)

Okay Tara... I have taken my other dress in to get altered, so I'll take a photos of myself in it when I get it back and it fits better! Turns out the dress for yours doesn't need alterations... the lady said it's tight through the body but it should be fine. It comes to an inch (maybe 2?) below the bottom of my knee... does that sound about right? If it needs to come up higher I can still take it in to get altered! My shoes... they may need your approval still. They are a taupe-ish colour but they have a shine to them. They're not beige... they're not gold... they're not silver... they're basically a neutral colour. I got them at payless. I'll show you a photo but the colour does not look at ALL the same (the photo looks silver!) I do think it looks good with the dress... but I don't know if it's the colour you really had in mind!! Did Anita and Wendy find theirs, do you know?

Good luck tomorrow to all!!!!

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