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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sacred Heart, day five: CHICKEN and tomatoes

Morning WI: -1.6lbs
Sacred heart total: 8.2lbs

Today wasn't so bad (technically it was yesterday, I'm posting a day late... but you get the point). It felt good to eat some food that wasn't fruit or vegetables. Definitely felt much more full on the chicken!

Didn't get on the treadmill... decided since I was going to be up late at the jack and jill, sleeping in got priority. besides, I could go on the treadmill saturday AND sunday (although now i am working sunday 7-3). I am happy to report I behaved picture perfect at the jack and jill. I had my 1.5L bottle of water (crystal light actually) in hand and did not touch any of the food at ALL!! Not even so much as a crumb!!

Daily Points (note: all chicken has skin removed):
Breakfast - chicken drumstick (3), thigh (1)
Lunch - soup (0), chicken (4), tomatoes (0)
Dinner (on the road, on the way to the J&J) - chicken breast (4), tomato (0)
Total points=12
*I would have eaten more points likely if dinner wasn't in a huge hurry on the road to the J&J - but at least while we went through Mcdonald's drive thru for alex, i packed my own healthy chicken to stick with the plan*

Stats for the day:
calories 755 (low, I realize), fibre 7g (LOW!), carbs 27g (could have eaten about 110g more), sodium 1448mg (could have eaten about 900mg more), fat 19g (could have eaten about 10g more).

No photos of my food from the day. Instead, here are some from the jack and jill!
Alex and me:
The bride and groom (Jessica and Brent) at the END of the night and after many, MANY drinks
Kristen and the new boyfriend, Kurt (side note: she actually seems to have found a NICE guy!)
Kristen and her friend, Laura
Drunken Alex (aka "jujube" after he won the jar of jubes because he guessed the right amount in the jar. actually, he was only off by ONE jube) and me at the end of the night

1 comment:

Tara said...

Mmmm, jujubes! How did you control yourself??? Those are SO one of my weaknesses. Keyword is "one"!
Nice pics...everyone looks like they're having a good time. And you look at least 10 lbs lighter :)
Hope the rest of your days on your plan went well. I'm waiting for the final thoughts and results...:)