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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sacred Heart, day three: fruit n' veggies

Morning weigh in: -0.4lbs
Total weight loss: 4lbs

I have successfully completed day three. According to "the plan" I should see a 5-7lb weight loss by the time I step on my scale tomorrow. We'll see about that.

I am feeling fine today. Haven't felt deprived or hungry... maybe that's because I just took my measurements for the first time since ordering the dress for Tara's wedding... I am up 1" everywhere. That is not good. At least I caught it now, but I have some serious work to do. After the trauma of a past bridesmaid dress splitting open in the back (okay, I can laugh now... and I wasn't traumatized - but it wasn't fun!!), I cannot have that happen again.

Friday is the beginning of my new WW week. I am going to WRITE OUT a workout schedule revolving treadmill (will fix it on the weekend), and BL cardio and sculpting workouts. This is nuts. I have to get back to that awesome weight loss pattern I had before.

Anyway, back to today's stuff. It was nice having the variety of fruits and vegetables... and I was kept busy enough at work I wasn't looking for snack. Tonight I had a big dinner and while I would have LOVED a baked potato (not allowed today), I wasn't deprived.

Today's food:
Breakfast - 3c fruit salad (3)
Lunch - tomato and avocado in mrs. dash (4), tomato and cucumber in vinegar (0), soup (0), 1c fruit salad (1), unsweetened apple/pomegranate sauce (1), watermelon (1)
Dinner - veggie stir fry cooked in water (0), tomato (0)

calories 859 (this is low again), protein 19g (pretty close to where it should be), fibre 44g (about twice as much as my recommended daily amount), carbs 180g (about 30g over my daily recommended), sodium 823mg (about 1/3 of my recommended), cholesteral 0mg!!!, fat 25g (could have eaten about 5 more grams - avocado really drove up the fat today!)

I could have eaten more calories in the way of fruit... but I just didn't feel hungry. Likely because of all of the fibre I was getting in the vegetables.

On to the fun stuff, the PHOTOS of some of today's food!

Breakfast fruit salad:

Tomato and avocado for lunch:

Tomato, cucumber and beets in vinegar for lunch:

more watermelon:

stir fry (mushrooms, zuccini, celery, peppers, green onions) and tomato for dinner:

1 comment:

Tara said...

And YOU are inspiring me! Ah, just like old times :)
I love all the pictures! It makes me want to eat more veggies than I already do. I've never really tried avacado so I'm interested...
It's funny that you didn't know about my banana issues! I like them in baking but the texture otherwise, makes me gag! It's been like that since I was a kid. I tried them again recently because they are good for you but I just couldn't do it. Don't think I could handle a shake either!!
You can do this food/excercise thing...there will be NO dress splitting and we'll be dancing the night away!! Or maybe you'll be mingling and taking random pics of people's feet!!!!!!