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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sacred Heart, day seven: brown rice, veggies and unsweetened fruit juices

Morning WI: oops, slept in and had to run out the door to work, therefore no WI
Sacred heart total: Still 9lbs

Well, today is the FINAL DAY! I did it! I think I did... I don't know if chewing gum constituted cheating or if eating more than one bowl of bran is cheating... but if you put those things aside, I did picture perfect. I even resisted any temptations on Friday night at a jack and jill.

Tomorrow's post will reflect my thoughts on the whole week, as tomorrow morning will be the final weigh in. I must warn you though, I don't know how accurate they will be because I got my period tonight (TMI? sorry!). I realize maybe this wasn't the best week to have done the diet based on my period... typically I am bloated and my WI is affected the week before and the first few days of... BUT, this was the week I had to pick based on my weekend activities and knowing how likely I would be successful.

Today I woke up late for work (my slumber got interrupted last night by the explosions here in Toronto and I was TIRED today), grabbed some fruit juice, my lunch, and headed out (or flew out) the door. Forgot to weigh in. Tomorrow I won't forget! It's the last day!!

Last night when I was making my lunch for today I was really excited at the thought of having RICE today... CARBS!!! Today at lunch and dinner... was just too sick of vegetables to really care. I forced myself to eat, but didn't get much enjoyment out of it. Today wasn't a struggle at all. There were many temptations around at work (weekends at the hospital are an excuse to put a bunch of baked goods/chips/dips... anything around the nursing station) and I didn't even budge. I think I just feel like it's not worth it to cheat because I have the idea in my peabrain that eating even one measely jujube or one chip will ruin all of my hard work this week. I want to see the best possible results. I think this has helped me feel very in control of my food again.

Anyway, here's what I ate today:
Breakfast - unsweetened cranberry juice, 1/4c maybe (1)
Lunch/dinner (just combining them because it was all one big meal divided over 2 times) - 1.5c brown rice in total (6), bunch of mixed veggies (0), spinach with cucumber and tomato (0), cucumber and tomato in vinegar (0), soup (0)
Snack - 1c fibre 1 (2), 1c skim milk (2)
Total points = 11
Once again, lacking in appetite today, nothing looked really appealing.

I think once I am able to have variety again and go between fruit and vegetables I will do much better. I definitely miss my cheese and yogurt as well.

calories 984, fibre 46g (daily recommended amt is 25g), fat 5g (could have eaten another 25g), sodium 1020mg (low.. about half of what it could have been), carbs 220g (should be eating only about 150g).

On to some photos from the day:
veggie stir fry done in water (mushrooms, green and yellow zucchini, green and yellow and red peppers, celery, and green onions):
BROWN RICE!!!! (which I put the veggies on top of but now realize I forgot to take a photo of that final product)
Tomatoes and cucumbers in vinegar and sea salt;
THE soup with rice in it (actually wasn't bad - nice variety to the soup)
spinach salad consisting of spinach with cucumber and tomato. pretty boring.

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