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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday, yet again!

Okay, you didn't see me last night because by the time I got home and got some stuff done it was around midnight... and I couldn't sleep, but still didn't post anything. I was up until 2:30am. The result? No treadmill today. The good news? I did get my butt on there yesterday (still have to jog in the top right corner... it's a jog and a balancing act until we figure out where the loud squeaky noise is coming from). I went to a bridal shower and didn't touch a single thing to eat (I had already eaten dinner). The temptation was there, but wasn't worth it to me!

I also picked up my bridesmaids dress at mom's house last night!! I looked at it was afraid it wouldn't fit... but it did! I was able to do it up on my own even! The problem? I still look like a bit of a whale in it... so I will be working on abs more now!! Helloooooo planks and sit ups! (Tara - I will email you a photo of me in the dress so you can see how I look in it).

What did I eat yesterday, you ask? Good question.
Breakfast - peach (1), guardian cereal (2), milk (1)
Lunch - soup (0), 1c brown rice (4), tomatoes with sea salt (0), 3c fresh fruit (3), grap/apple sauce (1)
Dinner - 4oz chicken breast (4), 2 cobs of corn (4)

There you have it. Tonight is WI... I think I will go back and treat myself to my sub tonight (just not have the same cheat night I usually do on Thursdays... or USED to do!).

Good luck to all whose WI is today!

1 comment:

Tara said...

The treadmill is probably more of a workout when it's broken...all that running and balancing on the right part of it and all! And what an accomplishment to not eat anything at the bridal shower. I wouldn't have been able to do that!
Oh and by the way, your dress looks awesome on you!
And your food looks great. That's a lot of fruit and veggies...YUM!