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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crunch time!

Who would have thought the time would be upon us. 1 week from tonight I will have completed the baking for wedding #1's cake/cupcakes... and will be preparing to spend the following day with the bride. 2 weeks from tonight I'll be gearing up for wedding #2. 3 weeks from tonight it's already on to planning wedding events for wedding #3 (already getting the guest list in order for the bridal shower!).

I digress. I didn't post yesterday as Alex and I spent a "sick" day together. More like a mental health day... a day just for the 2 of us. It was his idea and it was one of his best ones!

Today I slept in but managed to get on the treadmill tonight for a nice and lengthy jog. I ate pretty well in order to make up for caving yesterday and having a falafel pita (since the falafels are deep fried).

Here's how today shaped up:
Breakfast - peach (1)
Lunch - tomato and cucumber in vinegar and mrs dash (0), watermelon (2), 2 nectarines (2), strawberries (1)
PM snack - 60g allegro cheese (2) plus a random spoonful of jam (1)
Dinner - ONTARIO tomatoes (0), peppers (0), red onion (0) with about 1/4c quinoa (1), broccoli and cauliflower and baby carrots steamed with mrs dash (0), watermelon (1)

I am LOVING all of the Ontario vegetables lately... here's a couple of photos of my food this week.

tomatoes with onion and peppers and roasted chicken breast:

Tonight's tomato/quinoa dinner!

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