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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sacred Heart, day six: Chicken and Vegetables

Morning WI: -0.8lbs
Sacred Heart total: -9lbs

Today was a rough day. I just did NOT feel like eating any more stinking vegetables or soup. I was also extremely tired. I have been feeling more and more the last few days like I need bran, badly. Then, it hit me... I have less IN me to actually be exiting (TMI? SORRY!). Maybe the amount of food I'm eating is causing me to go to the bathroom less, NOT that I need bran. In any case, ate bran for breakfast, lied around on the couch (spoke to Tara en route to bridal dresses!) and then headed to the store to get another lovely BBQ chicken (since today is chicken day and I ate almost a WHOLE chicken yesterday). I came home and ate chicken and felt STUFFED. I felt like I couldn't eat any more chicken or vegetables the rest of the day. I miss fruit... I caved and ate more freaking fibre 1 cereal. The plan tells you to eat a bowl... I have now eaten several over the last few days. Oh well, what can you do?

I am still staying strong and resisting any cravings. I am, however, relying on chewing fruity gum when I want to taste something besides soup or vegetables. I don't know if gum is allowed, but it's either gum or 100 calorie packs or something... gum it is.

Here's what I ate today basically:
Breakfast - 1.5c fibre 1 (3), 1.5c skim milk (3)
Lunch - chicken (4)
Dinner - TWO CUPS of fibre 1 (4), 2c skim milk (4)
Total Points = 18

The guidelines say to eat the soup at least once today. I just couldn't do it.

Calories 1252 (thanks fibre 1!), fibre 98g (holy crap that is a LOT more than I need), protein 87g (about 60g more than I need), carbs 221g (about 80g more than recommended), fat 11g (about 1/3 of what I could have eaten), sodium 1505mg (could have eaten about 900mg more!)

No photos today.. food just wasn't enjoyable to me. Maybe this diet is giving me back my willpower as well as helping to take some of my orgasmic joy out of food (I want to enjoy food, but now dream about it and crave it and rely on it for pleasure as much as I do).

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