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Monday, August 25, 2008

I survived another wedding event weekend (barely!)

I am here... I'm just exhausted. Another busy weekend (but these busy weekends are now numbered and I will actually miss being so social!).

Friday was running errands and doing cooking and baking (while Alex enjoyed the Olympics... a safe distance from the kitchen). Saturday was up early and heading to Pontypool to drop off stuff (starting to gather things there for the weddings and making Jess' wedding cake). I was there for about an hour then it was off to Bowmanville to get the bachelorette party under way. The spa arrived and we all had pedicures for the most part (while snacking on appetizer food). I resisted the food and was good. The spa people left and I had a few drinks (and felt the alcohol right away)... THEN the eating started. I ate anything I wanted. I couldn't even begin to tell you what I ate. I remember alcohol, dips and pitas, breaded appetizers... and other things I'm sure. Then it was dinner... BBQ. Luckily the BBQ was mammoth burgers (which my stomach still doesn't allow me to eat)... so I had a hamburger bun with tomato, onion, cheese and lettuce... and pasta salad and ceasar salad... then chocolate covered banana... and more drinks. We headed out for the bar and I had a couple of Bud Lights and tequila shots (EEK!). The night ended early as most people were tired and had a long drive home... so a few of us got PIZZA and I ate the remainders of a cream cheese/caramel apple dip (minus the apples. I ate the dip plain). The next morning I was up bright and early to head back to Pontypool. This is where my stomach rejected what I had tried to make it endure the night before. I managed to get a bit of sleep and then it was up to decorate dad and kristen's birthday cake before I headed out with mom and dad to meet up with everyone at montana's for lunch. we met alex, michele and jacob and simon and kristen and kurt and had ourselves some lunch (turkey club on whole wheat, minus the bacon, with a side salad with ff balsamic on the side). once we were done we headed back to pontypool yet again to do presents and cake... and go gaga over Simon. By 6pm Alex and I decided to head back towards the city. We were in separate cars so he headed straight home and I headed out to get groceries. I was back in my place by 8:15pm. What a long weekend. I went to bed last night at 9:30 and slept through until 7:30 this morning.

everything is catching up and tomorrow has already been declared a sick day.

BUT, today I stepped on the scale (after not stepping on Sunday)... I'm up 1.8lbs since Saturday morning. Could be worse I suppose. I'm probably lucky my stomach rejected what I tried to put in it Saturday!

Today I have done well (aside from lack of activity... of course)
Breakfast - peach (1)
Morning snack - peach (1)
Lunch - tomato and cucumber with sea salt (0), peach (1), strawberries (1), 2 tins of oceans spicy thai tuna (4)
Dinner - roasted chicken (5) cooked in fresh ontario tomatoes and peppers (0)
Snack - watermelon (1)

Okay, so it doesn't appear like I ate enough today... but I'm trying to stick to the fruit/vegetables/protein plan like I did on that diet... just for now.

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