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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sacred Heart, day four: Bananas and Skim milk

Morning weigh in: -2.6lbs
Sacred heart total: -6.6lbs

Today was definitely the hardest. Nothing but bananas and skim milk (and soup of course)? No thank you. I am proud (or crazy?) to say I did it. I have not cheated except to eat a piece of chicken breast (no skin or anything) the size of about a quarter. I didn't feel like soup today, therefore only ate bananas and skim milk. I did also have some bran cereal as the plan says you can have some after a few days... as you might need it. Not sure that I need it physically, but mentally I did!! I cannot WAIT to be able to have chicken tomorrow. I'm so smart too... I went to superstore and bought one of their roasted chickens. I'm going to cut up a bunch of the meat in the morning (can't do it now in case I cave and eat more) and eat chicken and tomatoes all the live long day. The chicken smelled so freaking good on the car ride home. I felt it a disservice to my hard earned money NOT to eat a piece of it while it was warm and fresh... so I did. Then I promptly put it in the fridge.

I went to WI today. up 1lb. BUT, if I had gone to WI last week, then this week I am actually down (like 3lbs!!).

I am proud to say I am going back on the treadmill tomorrow. If it's still loud I will walk instead of run (but will do a major incline!), then Alex and I will attempt to grease it on the weekend. So, that being said... time to finish up here and get ready for bed so I can try to get a good night's sleep and get back at it in the morning.

Tomorrow night is a jack and jill for the other wedding. I'm driving... can't drink alcohol on this plan (but, I had volunteered to drive a long time ago). I'll just keep chicken in my pocket and eat that instead of the midnight buffet!!! Hmmm... and gum... and keep a water bottle on hand!

Here's today's food:
5 bananas (10), 2c skim milk (4), 2c fibre 1 (4)
Exciting, I know

calories 1030 (low, but higher than the last 2 days at least), fibre 74g (you've got to be KIDDING me! my recommended amount is about 25g!), carbs 282g (140g more than I need), fat 6g (could have eaten about 25 more grams).

No photos today... I didn't think to take one of my 2 bowls of fibre 1 cereal with skim milk and banana!!!

Wish me luck and will power for tomorrow. This is going to be a HUGE test for me... but, one that I will feel tremendously proud after if I accomplish it!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Good luck, crazy lady!! Bananas and skim milk is crazy :) The chicken is going to be so good tomorrow...and a least it seems like you get more to eat so you hopefully won't be too tempted to cheat at the J & J. I know you can do it. Stick it out and see what kind of kick start this is going to give you.
Have fun :)