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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Well, as much as my only desire today seemed to be SLEEPING... I still got MOST of my exercise in. I went on the treadmill for 45min this morning then tonight did 40min of my BL cardio max. I didn't have time to do my 'power sculpting' dvd. My hunt has begun for a birthday gift for my nephew. I want something very specific and have decided I must buy it now because it will only be harder to find once spring/summer comes... I want to buy it now and return it later should I decide I want to get him something else. Wouldn't you know it? I'm so picky that it's already hard to find. Alex and I began shopping after work today (with no avail) and I will look on my lunch tomorrow. Anyway, by the time I got home and ate dinner and talked on the phone with my cousin... i only had time for the cardio max dvd. I'm on to level 2 of the dvd and it is KILLER. I'm NOT a big fan of Jillian while doing her added 10 minutes (the level 2 component).

Anyway, here's what I ate today
BF - oatmeal (2), smart bran 1/3c (0), yogurt (1)
Lunch - a tuna concoction with lettuce (0), tuna (1), cheese (1), and hot pepper relish (0). applesauce (1), apple (1), cup a soup (1)
Afternoon moment of complete weakness - FUDGE (4). I made fudge with walnuts and a peanut butter filling on the weekend (for easter). I ate some of it today. I felt very remorseful afterward and very guilty... I try not to eat stuff like that during the week. Alex finally got annoyed and basically told me to get over it, that eating 2 small pieces of fudge will not necessarily make me gain went on thursday.
Dinner - veggie patch portabella burger (2), cheese slice (1), steamed vegetables (0), cottage cheese and fruit cup (2), SF pudding (1)
Snack - hummus (1), flatout (1), lettuce (0),cheese (1)

Did anyone else get the latest What's Cooking magazine? Did you see crystal light singles (in canada) has new flavours?? including CHERRY POMEGRANATE?? I MUST get some!! I think i would LOVE IT!!!

Happy hump day... my last day of work for 5 days! Woohoo!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Ok, I'm very intrigued now! What are you getting for Simon???
I would probably not be a big fan of Jillian either...she's driving me crazy on the show lately and I think that would cross over to the workout :)
Food today looks good. And those 2 pieces of fudge would have definitely been cancelled out by your worries!