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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I came, I saw... I ate it ALL

Do the words "Well Judy, you did it. She's FINALLY full!" mean anything to you? That would describe my Easter... I ate and ate and ate and at some point I felt more full than I ever had... then the feeling subsided and I ate more. The good news is it was only a couple of days (unlike Christmas where it was an entire week of eating). The good news is also... I know this week I'll be up, but next week I'll be back down.

The worst part is trying to get back off of the sweets train... Once I eat as many sweets as I did this weekend it's hard for me to get back to eating healthy. I tried to do it cold turkey today... but I found my way to a million different 100 calorie packs and odds and ends today.

Tomorrow morning it's time to get back on the treadmill and tomorrow night will *hopefully* be biggest loser workout night.

Biggest Loser is on now but I just got home and I've missed the first 45min, so I will watch Big Brother instead and tape BL on the west coast channel and watch it on the treadmill bright and early in the morning!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! Aside from food... mine was wonderful. Simon's first Easter was great... he loved it! The whole family seemed to get along really well again for a change... we spent much of the day toboganning down my parents massive hill/trail in the back yard and everyone had tons of fun!!!

I'll be back tomorrow to report on my exercise AND healthy eating. I know this week's WI will be a write-off... but there's no reason why I can't start working towards next week's WI now!

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