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Monday, March 10, 2008

Dare to Dream...

Doesn't this look nice? I'm feeling optimistic though... we are into the home stretch of winter! Before we know it we can be back outside enjoying patio season. On the bright side though... it may still be winter, but that only means I have that much more time still to work towards goal weight! I have to kick it into a higher gear if I want to reach my goal by summer... when I was crunching numbers the other day it was scary how much weight I'll have to lose. At this rate I have to lose almost 50lbs in 5 months... damn actually, that is close to impossible. Well, I'll keep plugging away regardless. I mean, the closer I can get to my goal, the better.

Today I did my 30min cardio max (BL workout), then went on the treadmill for 30min (wanted to go on for 45min but was too damn tired after the BL workout!). I went to work then came home and at 8:30pm still did my 30min power sculpting (another BL workout). I'm getting there... Tomorrow is treadmill in the morning (crossing my fingers I can do it - with the time change it will be hard!). After work Alex and I *MAY* go to pontypool, as i've heard rumour that michele and simon will be home for the rest of the week while jacob is away on business... so, since alex hasn't even seen our gorgeous nephew since christmas... we thought we could scoot out for a couple of hours after work... which will mean no workouts after work, but it's okay - I will do them Wednesday night.

Here's what I've eaten today:
Breakfast - weight control oatmeal (2), yogurt (1)
Lunch - flatout wrap (1), hummus (1), 2 FF cheese slices (1), 2 turkey slices (1), strawberry and kiwi unsweetened applesauce (1), granola bites (2), all bran bites (1)
Snack - 100 cal cheese nips (2), baby dills (0)
Dinner - spinach salad with tuna (1), allegro cheese (1), 2 tbsp ff italian (0), granny smith apple (1), chocolate SF pudding - which is totally hitting the spot for any chocolate cravings the last few days (1)

So, I didn't eat enough today... Mondays are hard though to try to either get enough points in before I leave for work (when today i spent most of my time working out!), or to try to pack enough damn food to meet my points... I'll make more of an effort next week though.

Happy Tuesday. Take note of my ticker - SPRING is getting CLOSER!!!

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