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Monday, March 17, 2008

One down, two to go

Back to the grind today... Luckily this is only a three day work week for me and then next week is a short week as well. April is shaping up to be a LONG month at this point (no long weekends). I feel a sick day in there somewhere!

Well, as much as I didn't want to... I got back on the exercise bandwagon today. I increased my BL workout (cardio) to 40min from 30min (I'm now on 'level 2'). It was killer. Jillian does the added 10 minutes and I wanted to jump in the tv and strangle her. I also got on the treadmill for a mere 30min this morning before work.

The highlight of my day was TANNING after work. I'm up to 2-3 times a week (side note: the lady who owns my tanning salon is Mandy Wright's mother! Remember her from high school, Tara?). Tanning is a nice way to end a Monday. It also meant not getting home until 8:45... too late to do my other BL workout. Oh well, tomorrow!

Here's what I ate today:
BF - ww toast (1), egg (2), cheese slice (1)
Lunch - flatout (1), ff italian (0), cheese (1), lettuce (0). veggie patch garlic portabella burger (2) - leftover from costco in the freezer and must eat them before i break open my new veggie burgers! hot pepper salsa (0), unsweetened applesauce (1), hostess 100 cal (2)
Snack - carrots (0), hummus (1), ww caramel cake (1)
Dinner - salad with tuna (1) and cheese (1) and balsamic spray (0), apple (1), yogurt (1), 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzels (2), WW oatmeal raisin cookie (1)

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