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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm alive (barely - my body hates me!)

Last night and today are my wake up call from my body... It's telling me it HATES me and is sick of just how much crap I've been eating for a week straight now. Last night when I went to bed I took sick and haven't been able to stomach anything more than some bread today (although I'm hungry, I know well enough to know I canNOT eat yet).

I did heed my own prior advice to Tara and went grocery shopping and bought healthy food... I got lettuce, tomato, cucumber (for all my salads) and baby carrots... and frozen stuff (broccoli, green beans, peas, baby potatoes). I bought strawberries and apples and unsweetened apple sauce. I bought new yogurt I'm excited to try (it's the Danone stuff with the clear containers... but it's new exciting flavours! I'm not one for the regular peach and blueberry and raspberries. I like strawberry yogurt and then odd yogurts... the source dessert selections or exotik selections. Today I bought a yogurt container with strawberry flavour, mango, pineapple, and kiwi flavours!). I bought my fat free cottage cheese and fruit cups. I bought cheese slices, cheese strings (no cream cheese - they didn't have any of the light ones in!!!), low fat deli chicken breast, wendy and barb's hummus and baba ganoosh. I got more Italian dressing (but bought calorie wise instead of fat free... did you know they have the same amount of calories? i didn't!), hot pepper relish, more DILL PICKLES (yay)... and tahini and chick peas to attempt to make my own hummus at a later date (although I'm sure I won't enjoy it as much as wendy and barb's).

So there you have it... that's $60 worth of groceris right there (not bad i think!).

You haven't seen me in the last few days because I hadn't been devoted to being OP and doing my exercise... thereby avoiding my blog as well. BUT, I'm back now. Although, today I can't get activity in (I also can't get food in).... I'm hoping by tomorrow I can get back at it.

Last night/yesterday was actually spent in Hamilton babysitting Simon! Michele hadn't been out with Jacob and without Simon since the fall... and last night was only their THIRD time out since he was born. Long overdue and I think they loved it. Michele has already asked if they can bring him here so the 2 of them can have a day out sight seeing in Toronto once the weather is nicer (hell YES!!! please give him to me!!). He was a perfect angel... didn't cry once and fell asleep after only a couple of minutes of rocking him (although I kept rocking him longer to enjoy more cuddle-time). Alex fed him his dinner (chicken, yams and carrots) and that was his first time feeding a baby... he did awesome (both of the boys did awesome - Simon and Alex!).

Okay, I have to go back to the kitchen. I've decided to help my week be a much better one I'm going to put together lunches and dinners today for the whole week.

Oh, did I also mention I've signed up for a cake decorating course at Michaels??? It starts next Tuesday and runs 4 weeks... I can't wait! I'll hopefully enjoy it and take the other 3 levels after this one and make Simon the best first birthday cake I can possibly make for him!!!

Happy Sunday (day of rest at my place)

Back to Update:
I managed to make all of my salad toppings for the week (you see, I mix all of the stuff that goes on the lettuce in a separate container and keep the lettuce dry in its own container and then dump the toppings on the lettuce at work... because it's okay if they're wet/soggy). The containers are either chick peasor tuna with cheese, cucumber, tomato, hot pepper relish and 1 tbsp of italian drsg. My yogurts are all ready to go and so are my apples. I've also put dill pickles in separate containers for each lunch! I grilled some balsamic chicken breasts and will cook vegetables to go with it for dinners this week. There - healthy food is here again!

I also managed to eat a bit more today... 2 pieces of ww toast with a cheese slice and a slice of deli chicken breast.... then later when i realized i could stomach it... i had cheez whiz and chicken breast in a flatout wrap.

There's my day in a nutshell... I will feel much happier again once I can get some exercise in. I'm still hoping for a loss this week (and every week... i will have weddings here before i know it!!!)

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