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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It Appears I am a Bottomless Pit!!!

I really should stop buying 100 calorie packs.

Let's recap the day, shall we? I called in sick to work. I had gastro issues... I think in part because I was anxious about the drive in. Anything I ate... didn't sit well. By the afternoon I felt better (thank you, pepto!).

Unfortunately I still had an appetite today and feel like I did nothing but snack on things. I did, however, manage to pull off TWO Biggest Loser workouts (30min of the cardio max and 30min of the power sculpting) and did go on the treadmill, but only for 30min. You'd think I should feel optimistic for tomorrow... but I don't. And you won't feel optimistic for me either once you see what I ate today (if I can even remember).

What I ingested:
BF - smart bran cereal (0) mixed with special k (1), skim milk (1)
Snacks - 5 100 calorie packs (10) - yes, you read that correct. FIVE 100 calorie snacks. This includes cadbury thins, doritos, ritz crackers, cheese nips... you name it, I ate it!, 2 granola bites packages (4), cheese string (1)
Lunch - ww bread with cheese slice (2), cottage cheese and fruit cup (2)
Dinner - flatout bread with cream cheese (2), 4 egg whites (1), spinach (0), motts unsweetened strawberry and kiwi applesauce (1)

I'm so wise to be eating all of this day freaking day before weigh in! I don't know what goes through my mind!!!

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